WSU Provost Urges Calm, Patience at Time of National Tragedy

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University interim provost Ron Hopkins called for patience and calm as the university community deals with what he called a “tragedy of international proportions.”

“We realize there are many of our university community who may be directly affected by this disaster,” Hopkins said. “We have our counselors available at the Compton Union Building ready to talk with anyone who needs them.”

“Our efforts at this time will be to comfort and support those students, faculty and staff who are suffering at this time,” he said. “We may seem geographically distanced from this tragedy, but we all are affected indirectly.”

Hopkins emphasized the importance of not being reactionary and judgmental.

Many WSU students spent most of the morning gathered around television sets in lounges, classroom and faculty offices. Faculty were encouraged to discuss the situation in classes. Counselors have been available all day at the Compton Union Building, Student Counseling Center in Lighty Student Services Building and Health and Wellness Services to work with members of the university community.

WSU officials are attempting to keep the campus up to date from its Web site