WSU Ranked in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education’s Top 100 National List

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University is listed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine’s Top 100 national list of institutions granting doctoral academic degrees to Chicano/Latino students.

According to the May 7 issue of the Paramus, N.J.-published journal and its Web site (, WSU is 92nd out of the 100. The journal used data from 1998-99 to compile its ranking.

The Top 100 list shows WSU had four Chicano/Latinos graduating with doctoral degrees. It is one of 19 universities, ranked 74th to 92nd, that granted four such degrees. The 19 institutions include Boston University, 80th; University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 82nd; and Brown University, 89th. Number one on the list is the University of Texas at Austin. It granted 45 doctoral degrees to Chicano/Latinos.

“It is always gratifying to see concrete evidence consistent with our stated commitment to diversity,” said Steve Burkett, WSU Graduate School associate dean. “However, looking at these numbers, it is also clear that we and the nation’s universities have a long way to go to meet the ultimate goal of equal representation of Chicano/Latino students among those awarded doctoral and master’s degrees.”

Burkett noted that in the last several years, WSU has aggressively recruited Chicano/Latino graduate students. During the past year, WSU more than doubled the number of doctorates reported in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. “”This should place WSU much higher on next year’s list,”” he said.

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