‘One Year Later’ Exhibit Opens March 13 at WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. — “One Year Later,” an exhibit of work by last year’s fine arts graduate students, opens March 13 at Washington State University’s Gallery II.

The exhibit continues through April 6. Gallery II is located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Center.

The artists in the exhibit are Dane Webster, Carolyn Ford, Megan Martens, Paula Farmer, Brian Simko, Michelle Melancon and John Jenkins. The women artists are being recognized for Women’s History Month for their accomplishments and contributions to American life.

Webster employs photographic and digital imaging processes and uses personal narrative to examine the mechanics of myth building.

In her colorful ceramic pieces, Ford creates her own humorous mythology, drawing her outrageous style from Southern oral culture and “Weekly World News” headlines.

Martens’ photo-based work, in the socially critical tradition of Realist painting, is an examination of the forces that shape her hometown of Upton, Wyo.

Farmer uses photography, video and installation to describe the community of African-American women at WSU as it is understood from within and to question how it is seen from without.

Simko explores the claustrophobic spaces of prefabricated architecture using antiquated technologies of viewing, several of which employ stereoscopy to heighten awareness of one’s placement in three-dimensional space.

Melancon uses mixed media installations to evoke an underwater environment that must be navigated by the visitor.

Jenkins combines multiple figures and picture planes to create and recreate versions of himself through painting.

For more information, call the Fine Arts office at 509/335-8686.