New CD Expected to be a Hit with Future Cougars

PULLMAN, Wash. — For its latest recruiting effort, Washington State University has developed a new CD-ROM aimed at top high school students. The disc is cut in a credit-card-size shape, stamped with the famous Cougar head logo and contains extensive information about the university.

Prospective students can run the CD-ROM in a personal computer to find out about everything from campus life and academic programs to scholarship opportunities and on-line application for admission. The disc contains digital video and audio segments that detail the college experience at WSU.

Students and parents who put the disc into their computers will see a short introduction video and then a menu of various segments to view as desired. They also will be given a choice of hot links, which automatically access the computer’s browser and direct it to related WSU Web pages where more information is available. Links will take prospective students to pages such as on-line registration, individual colleges, university departments, a virtual campus tour and more.

“This is a way of utilizing a medium that is very familiar to our target audience — high-achieving students who are looking for a university that offers great teaching, world-class research and technology,” said Jim Rimpau, vice provost for enrollment management. “It’s only natural for WSU to take a high-tech approach, since we are recognized as one of the most wired universities in the nation.”

In its survey of America’s Top 100 Wired Colleges 2000, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine ranked WSU ninth, placing it above all other Pac-10 schools and number one in the West.

The CD-ROM plays on both Macintosh and Windows computers. However, users of computers with slot-loading CD players are cautioned not to use the disc’s shaped version. A standard-size version is available for players that might jam when smaller discs are inserted.

The discs are being distributed to prospective students. Anyone wishing to receive information about WSU, including a Cougar CD, should contact the Office of Admissions at 888/468-6978 or on the Web at