WSU Tri-Cities Offers Edward Albee Play

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — It’s not often the theatergoing public is invited to class for a performance. But that’s the case at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 6 in the East Building Auditorium at Washington State University Tri-Cities.

Members of Michael Scholar’s 20th-century American drama class at Walla Walla College will present Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story.”

The Walla Walla Little Theatre production is preparing for the Washington State Civic Theatre Association statewide competition in western Washington later in March.

The free performance gives the actors an additional chance to perform and provides a unique opportunity for both community members and WSU students, said Scholar.

“The Zoo Story,” set on a bench in New York’s Central Park, is a play for two characters. An Albee classic, it was both an American and European success. Critics described Albee’s work as both observing and ominous and called the play’s climax “chilling.”

Following the 45-minute performance, the cast and audience members will discuss the production.