WSU Cancer Prevention and Research Center Moves into SIRTI Building

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State University Cancer Prevention and Research Center is moving its headquarters into the Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute on WSU Spokane’s Riverpoint campus. The move is expected to further strengthen connections between university researchers and area health care professionals.

Gary Meadows is director of the CPRC, and pursues his own research into the prevention of cancer. Meadows says, “Being in Spokane puts us in closer contact with the medical community and the clinical population base needed for research. We are looking forward to the opportunities this will create to expand research efforts for both faculty and practitioners.”

Meadows describes his role as one of facilitating interactions between the CPRC and oncology physicians, and says the CPRC is already working with area clinicians to develop new approaches for the treatment and care of the cancer patient.

While Meadows says there are no immediate plans to work directly with SIRTI on projects housed there, he adds, “The location does open up the potential of establishing collaborations. If we have faculty interested in translational research in biotechnology, taking their work from the lab bench to the marketplace, we know that door will be open. The SIRTI people have been great to work with in this move. And as more biotechnology develops in Spokane, that creates more opportunities for faculty.”

The location at SIRTI also puts the CPRC offices in close proximity to the new Health Sciences Building currently under construction on the Riverpoint campus, where researchers from WSU’s college of pharmacy, the WSU Spokane Health Research and Education Center, and other health sciences programs will work in new state-of-the-art laboratory space.