WSU Spokane Leads Campuses with Increases in Student Numbers

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington State University Spokane reports major increases in several student categories for spring 2001 as compared with the headcount a year ago.

The number of students in professional programs increased from 31 to 69, more than 122 percent. The junior and senior classes are up in numbers, while the graduate student number increased about 6 percent, from 302 to 320.

Full time equivalent enrollment increased 30 percent to 496, an increase of 114 FTE over spring 2000.

“We are very pleased by our continued growth at both the undergraduate and graduate levels,” Bill Gray, campus executive officer and dean at WSU Spokane, said. “Among other indicators of success, new programs such as our master’s of technology management and the executive track program in design-build management are growing rapidly.

“We are clearly meeting a need in the community for advanced specialty management degrees,” Gray added.