Community Human Rights Dialogue Set for Nov. 13 in Pullman

PULLMAN, Wash. — Toward its vision of promoting and creating a harmonious community, the Pullman Human Rights Commission will hold a community dialogue on Nov. 13.

The public dialogue with the commission begins at 7:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the Hawthorn Inn & Suites, 928 N.W. Olsen St.

“We believe our primary role is to be a resource for education, referrals and the gathering of information related to human rights issues within Pullman,” said David Stiller, a commission city representative. The dialogue, sponsored by the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, will be a key way to gather information, he said.

The commission was formed by the Pullman Livability Task Force in 1998. Commission members include appointees of the chamber, the City of Pullman, Pullman School District, and Washington State University.

Some of the issues to be discussed during the dialogue include assets and obstacles in attaining a livable community; the overall climate of the community; and the role, vision and goals of the commission.

For additional information, contact Brad Vonhoff, a chamber appointee and commission program committee chair, 332-1225,