Fraternities Set the Record Straight About Fight, Alleged Racism

PULLMAN, Wash. — Two Washington State University fraternities are pledging to end altercations between their houses and to help pay for dental work required by a freshman who was injured in a recent brawl. The two fraternities are also asking that the campus community understand that racism was not a factor in the fight that involved students of various ethnic backgrounds.

Alpha Kappa Lambda and Pi Kappa Alpha members plan to organize a fundraiser for an AKL pledge who lost his front teeth during the brawl that involved numerous members from both houses. The young man who was injured is African American.

Members who were involved in the altercation have discussed the incident in detail and all agree that it was not a racial assault, as characterized in early reports. They said that men from both fraternities were fighting with each other and it was not a case of one individual being beaten by many.

The two houses, which are located near each other, have agreed to work toward greater harmony.

“It is very regrettable that this fight ever happened, and we hope that now we can work together to make something positive come out of this,” said Tony Tanhueco, AKL president. “Most of all, we want people to know that this fight had nothing to do with race.”

PKA President Chris Smith agreed. “We have two of the most integrated fraternities at WSU. Our members are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and racism is not an issue in our fraternities.”

Members of both fraternities have held meetings to discuss plans for a fundraiser and details will be announced soon.