More New Entering Multicultural Undergraduate Students at WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University’s student outreach and recruitment efforts have resulted in an increase of more than 100 new entering multicultural undergraduate students this fall in Pullman compared to a year ago.

According to WSU officials, there are 608 new multicultural students entering the university this fall in Pullman as undergraduates. During fall semester a year ago, there were 500.

Throughout the WSU system – Pullman and three urban campuses – undergraduate multicultural student enrollment is up from 2,591 in 1999 to 2,628 now.

Undergraduate multicultural student headcount numbers at the Spokane campus are 60 for 2000 and 42 in 1999; at the Tri-Cities campus, 128 for 2000 and 134 in 1999; and at the Vancouver campus, 110 for 2000 and 97 in 1999.

Fall 2000 Pullman headcounts show an increase in average enrollment of undergraduate multicultural students compared to a year ago, from 2,318 in 1999 to 2,330 now. The Pullman numbers include students studying through EUS/Extended University Services, which includes adult learners taking classes by distance learning technologies.

The undergraduate multicultural student headcounts for Pullman for Asian American and Pacific Islanders is 957, compared to 942 last year; for African Americans, 496, compared to 463 last year; for Native Americans, 277, compared to 317 last year; and for Chicano Latinos, 600, compared to 596 last year.

Steve Nakata, director of WSU’s Office of Multicultural Student Services, said he is pleased that the number of new entering undergraduate multicultural students has increased. “In May, we reported a small rebound in the number of undergraduate multicultural students applying to WSU. The momentum continued throughout the summer, resulting in the increase we see now in September. It was built upon continuing outreach and recruitment efforts throughout the state. Once students are at WSU, we provide support services to help students achieve their academic goals. We want every student to earn their diploma. Our efforts are based on hard work and heartfelt commitment.”