WSU Budget Reallocation has Minimal Impact on Employment

PULLMAN, Wash. — Budget reallocations at Washington State University have affected a total of 35 classified positions on the Pullman campus. While one individual chose to resign rather than take another job as part of the reallocations, no permanent, classified employees have been terminated.

Most of the employees affected found new jobs through the state civil service “bumping” process. The bumping process allows employees with seniority to “bump” individuals with similar classifications and less seniority. The bumped employee then must either find a vacant position or bump another individual.

Greg Royer, vice president for business affairs, said there have been concerns about rumors of larger layoffs. “We want to set the record straight on the current status of WSU budget reallocations. There will be a minimal impact on employees in Pullman and no permanent staff members have lost their jobs,” said Royer.

Doris Lohery-Birch, chief steward for Bargaining Unit-9, said the union has been monitoring the process and, when asked, has helped employees make the transition to new positions thanks to certain contract provisions. She said that although there are a number of individuals who are unhappy with their situation, the process is greatly improved. “Unlike past experience with layoffs, this round has been a much smoother transition for everyone concerned covered under BU-9. That is because the Union, HRS, Counseling Services and the departments have all been working together to make sure the process and employee rights are protected.”

Although the reallocation and bumping process is not yet complete, few, if any, further job losses are anticipated.