Lewis and Clark History Comes to Life at WSU Community Event

PULLMAN, Wash. — Community members will have a chance to see what life
was like for the Lewis and Clark expedition during a special day of activities on
the Washington State University campus. The event, “Understanding the
Present by Exploring the Past: A Journey with Lewis and Clark,” takes place on
June 27.

A series of sessions will emphasize public participation through discussions,
question-and-answer sessions, historical re-enactment, exhibits, and video

Associate professor Lynda Hatch and assistant professor Dawn Shinew, from
WSU’s Department of Teaching and Learning, are organizers of the event. The
pair obtained a grant to fund the community event from the Washington
Commission for the Humanities.

Hatch and Shinew say they hope to link WSU’s academic community with
people in the surrounding area. “The goal of this event is to create a unique
interaction among a variety of experts, including faculty from WSU;
representatives from local, regional and federal agencies; representatives of
the Nez Perce and Lemhi-Shoshone tribes; and members of local communities,”
said Hatch.

“This event anticipates the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,”
said Shinew. “It brings together an array of individuals and agencies
committed to education and the humanities, making this project a strong
candidate for funding from the Washington Commission for the Humanities.”

Activities begin at 9 a.m. and run throughout the day until 8 p.m. The historic
re-enactment sessions will take place from 2-5 p.m. in the meadow between
Murrow and Avery Halls. Other sessions will be held in Cleveland Hall. For
information about specific times and locations, contact Dawn Shinew at