WSU Programs Receive Grants from Pullman Community Foundation

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University’s Museum of Art and
Women’s Resource Center have received $1,000 grants from the Pullman
Community Foundation.

WRC will use its grant to support the ELSA — Elevate, Love, Support and
Assist — Program. The program’s goal is to improve the quality of life for
low-income single parent students and their children, said Kathy Zeches, WRC
director. “When fully implemented, program services will include an
information network to link student families with campus and community
resources; parenting skills workshops; peer support groups; and family grants
for food, clothing and shelter.”

The grant to the museum will support a project to present two art workshops
this fall to underserved school-aged children in the Palouse region. Jim
Rosengren, director of development for the museum, said the hands-on
workshops for children in kindergarten through fifth grade will include a
docent-led tour of the museum exhibit and a hands-on art activity. Local artists
and art teachers will lead the workshops. WSU students, including arts
education and early childhood education majors, will assist.

“These workshops aim to provide visual and tactile experience for children and
education experience for college students,” Rosengren said.

The two WSU units were among seven award recipients.

The Pullman Community Foundation is a collection of funds established by
local citizens and dedicated to the betterment of the Pullman area. Founded in
1923, it is affiliated with Foundation Northwest, and advised by a board of
local volunteers.