WSU Mortar Board Honors Distinguished Professors

PULLMAN, Wash. — The Washington State University Mortar Board honor
society chapter honored three university professors at its spring Freshmen
Recognition Dessert.

Lawrence D. Meinert, a professor of geology, was honored for his
accomplishments in the field of geology and for his high quality of scholarly
and professional activities. “Students feel that he makes geology come alive
and makes them think in ways they wouldn’t have before,” his nominator
wrote. Meinert is one of the leading scholars in the origin and composition of
skarns, geological formations which yield high-grade ores. Since coming to
WSU in 1981, Meinert has served on many committees and presented
numerous guest lectures around the world.

Lance T. LeLoup, chair of the political science department and interim director
of the Thomas S. Foley Institute, was honored for his outstanding commitment
and dedication to his students. He is always available to listen and help in any
way that he can by offering advice and thoughtful insight, his students say.
LeLoup has written extensively on American politics, the American presidency
and Congress.

Carol Maloney, an instructor for English as a second language and bilingual
courses at WSU, was honored for constantly striving to help students outside
of the classroom. She consistently demonstrates exceptional teaching by
maintaining a student-centered curriculum. Maloney finds time outside of the
classroom to mentor many of her students to help them pursue professional

Mortar Board honors distinguished professors each year at the dessert, and
also recognizes outstanding freshmen scholars who earned a 3.5 grade point
average or above during the fall semester.

The faculty and freshman recognition projects are among several programs
sponsored by WSU’s Mortar Board chapter members as part of their goal to
serve WSU and the community.