WSU Takes Action to Stem Student Drinking Problems

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University is taking steps to avoid
public disturbances and other problems related to alcohol use by students.
The efforts will focus on problems that have arisen in residential areas adjacent
to the Pullman campus.

The efforts will include increased emphasis on alternative activities and
improved communication between students, law enforcement and university
officials. In addition, the university will continue to impose sanctions against
individual students and living groups who commit student conduct violations.

Student affairs faculty members have expanded an existing walking patrol of
College Hill every weekend. The faculty presence is an effort to enhance
communication with students and to prevent problems through education and
early intervention.

WSU and City of Pullman officials are currently exploring ways to enhance
communication and cooperation between the university, the community and
public safety agencies. These discussions will continue with input from
incoming President Lane Rawlins.

Provost Rom Markin says the efforts are intended to implement permanent
change. “WSU is committed to altering the climate to ensure a safe and orderly
campus and community atmosphere through this spring semester and
beyond,” he stated. Markin says the university takes the problem very
seriously and will put substantial resources into the initiatives.

Student leaders, who were instrumental in diffusing a recent street disturbance,
are collaborating with the student affairs faculty in communicating with
individuals and living groups.

Residence hall staff and Greek affairs staff are meeting with living groups to
reinforce existing procedures and to develop alternative activities.

Greek Students are planning a College Hill/community event for the members
of the community and campus for the weekend before final exams. A similar
event was held successfully last spring.

Planning is also underway for an increase in late night activities and events in
coordination with student committees.