WSU to Host World Particleboard Conference

PULLMAN, Wash. — Wood materials scientists and engineers from
throughout the United States and overseas will attend next week’s 34th
International Particleboard/Composite Materials Symposium at Washington
State University.

Sessions begin Monday, April 3, with a daylong workshop examining online
sensing issues. Presentations will focus on the latest science and theory
behind non-destructive testing of products and materials.

Other program topics will explore developments in engineered composite
lumber; particleboard manufacturing, including the use of waste materials and
adhesives developments; environmental issues; and the production and
application of wood-cement products.

Symposium attendance is expected to be about 400. Sessions will be
conducted in the Compton Union Building Auditorium.

The formal program will conclude at noon Thursday, followed by a meeting of
the advisory board of the WSU Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory,
according to Donald Bender, director.