WSU Student Leaders Assist Police in Disbursing College Hill Crowd

PULLMAN, Wash. — Early Saturday morning (March 4), Washington State
University student leaders, student affairs faculty and Pullman Police
dispersed a noisy crowd of students and others who had gathered at an
off-campus residence near the university.

“Student leaders were instrumental in helping student affairs faculty intervene
in the situation and discourage irresponsible behavior,” said George Bettas,
associate vice provost for student affairs. “Pullman police were especially
helpful in calming the situation and preventing it from escalating.

“Student body President Steve Wymer, Interfraternity Council President Brent
Wise and Erika Adams, president of Panhellenic Council, were on the scene
and rallied other student leaders to persuade the crowd to leave the area,” the
WSU administrator said.

Some rocks and bottles were thrown, but the majority of the crowd behaved in
a peaceful manner, Bettas said. There were no injuries reported. However, there
was some damage to police vehicles.

Area law enforcement officers were called to the WSU campus as a
precautionary measure but were not needed. “We thank them for their
response and willingness to be available,” Bettas said.

Many fraternities were instrumental in helping with the situation.

“We appreciate the initiative taken by WSU fraternities, sororities and
individual student leaders who assisted with the situation. Student
involvement was the critical element in encouraging responsible behavior,”
Bettas said.

WSU student affairs officials have been working with student leaders to take a
proactive leadership approach to problem solving. “We have been challenging
student groups to hold themselves accountable to higher standards,” Bettas
said. “Our students leaders answered the call.”

On Monday (March 6), student affairs officers will meet with students who
were involved in the incident to gather information and explore any action that
should be taken. “We will follow our normal investigative procedures for any
possible student conduct violations,” Bettas said.