Research Alliance Universities Host INEEL Managers

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University, a member of the Inland
Northwest Research Alliance, will be the first of seven universities to host
scientists from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.
The visit is scheduled for the Pullman campus on Thursday, Feb. 3.

Dick Jacobsen, chief scientist, and Bill Shipp, laboratory director of INEEL, will
join James Petersen, interim executive director of INRA. Petersen is also a
professor of chemical engineering and director of WSU’s Center for
Multiphase Environmental Research.

The trio plans to visit researchers at each of the INRA institutions. “The goal
is to enhance communication about the mission of INEEL, to discuss how
INRA can contribute to the success of INEEL, and to enhance the interaction
between the various institutions,” said Petersen.

Seven universities formed INRA in the spring of 1999. The member universities
include Boise State, Idaho State, the University of Idaho, Montana State, the
University of Montana, Utah State and Washington State. INRA is a partner in
managing INEEL, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The INEEL site was once used for nuclear reactor research and storage of
nuclear waste from America’s defense programs, which left contamination
underground. Today, INEEL scientists work in a wide range of disciplines with
a major emphasis on the development of environmental cleanup technologies.

Visits to the other INRA universities are scheduled as follows

— Feb. 4: University of Idaho
— Feb. 23: Montana State University
— March 6: Utah State University
— March 13: Boise State University
— March 20: Idaho State University
— March 27: University of Montana