Newest WSU Researchers to Share Findings Nov. 17

PULLMAN, Wash. — Some of society’s most complex questions, currently
under review by 400 Washington State University freshmen, will be the topics
at a Research Project Fair and Academic Poster Session Nov. 17 on campus.

Findings from more than 30 separate projects will be at the 4-6 p.m. program in
the Lighty Student Services Building, Room 260.

The researchers, all first-year students enrolled in WSU’s Freshmen Seminar
Program, have worked with more than 30 faculty mentors and 25 upper-division
student facilitators. Each project involved research question formulation, data
collection and analysis.

The project fair and poster session culminates a semester’s work on topics
related to learning at the college level.

The WSU Freshman Seminar program has received national acclaim. In 1998,
the program was named one of the six best undergraduate programs
internationally by the National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators and nominated for recognition by the John Templeton
Foundation for educating to foster personal and civic responsibility.

The student researchers will be on hand at the public event to describe their
projects. Refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact the Student Advising and Learning Center,