Jack Agee Named WSU Dad of the Year

PULLMAN, Wash. — A father who was always there for his children at every
sporting event, school play or award ceremony was named Washington State
University “Dad of the Year” Oct. 18 at the annual Dad’s Brunch in the
Compton Union Building.

Jack L. Agee, assistant meats sales manager in Albertson’s Spokane Division
Office, was nominated for the honor in a letter written by his daughter, Kishia,
a WSU sophomore in business administration.

Other finalists for the awards included Orman W. Johnson, Othello; Thomas E.
Seeley, Olympia; Daniel E. Slagle, Kennewick; and Gerald B. Berthiaume,

When it was cold and snowing, Agee would drive his car up to the field to
watch a soccer game or bundle up in a poncho in the pouring rain, Kishia said
in her nomination.

Agee became the full-time family provider when his wife, Cindi, was diagnosed
with multiple sclerosis about eight years ago and could no longer work.

“Many adjustments had to be made within our lives and my father took care of
them all,” wrote Kishia. “He always managed to put us first and continued to
show his full support to us, especially to my mother.”

For example, several years ago Agee was offered a higher paying position with
Albertson’s, but in another state. He decided against it because his wife could
not handle different weather conditions and temperatures. And he wanted to
be close to his daughter at WSU and his son, Jared, in Spokane.

Kishia also recalls the time her father helped her clear another hurdle. She was
15 at the time and about to face her first attempt at driving in driver’s

“I was extremely scared because I had never sat in the driver’s seat of a car, let
alone drive one,” she wrote. “The night before my first drive, my father came
home from work, took me to a school parking lot, and taught me how to drive.
It was pitch black outside, but he didn’t care. He just wanted me to be prepared
and unafraid on the following day.”

Agee attends all of WSU home football and basketball games, and participates
in golf tournaments to raise money for charity.