WSU’s Markin Becomes First Maughmer Professor

PULLMAN, Wash. — Rom Markin has become the first Maughmer Freedom Philosophy
Professor in the Washington State University College of Business & Economics.
“Dr. Markin shares many of the business philosophies that led his friends, Glenn F. (Geoff)
and Florence M. Maughmer, of California, to establish an endowed chair in freedom philosophy,”
says CBE Dean Glenn L. Johnson. “His commitment to entrepreneurism and to free enterprise
have allowed Dr. Markin to be an excellent teacher, mentor and administrator in our college. With
his new position, he will continue to provide positive impact on the lives of our students and the
Markin joined the WSU faculty in 1961 and served from 1980-95 as dean of the college. He
initiated and oversaw the development of the Center for Entrepreneurship, and served as its
director since 1997. He held the James D. Huber Memorial Chair in Entrepreneurship. He will
continue to teach classes in entrepreneurship.
The Center for Entrepreneurship promotes the “free market” philosophy, explains Markin.
That is, minimum government intervention, venture enterprise, competitive pricing and informed
consumerism. “These are some key elements of freedom philosophy, something in which the
Maughmer’s deeply believed.”
The California couple established the endowed chair and a scholarship program in their
name through planned giving options at WSU. Maughmer (’23, Engineering and Architecture)
died in 1993; his widow died in 1997.
Both the Maughmer chair and the Huber professorship are closely related to the Center.
When Markin became the Maughmer chair, Jerman Rose, long-time marketing and international
business faculty member, became director of the center and the Huber chair.
There are 10 distinguished professorships and endowed chairs in the CBE, and one chaired
professorship remains held in trust. Faculty in these positions are renowned scholars and
teachers on an academic and industry level, and provide outreach to businesses and
organizations around the region, the nation and the world. They are instrumental in securing
internship and placement opportunities for students and graduates of the CBE, and in bringing
experts and business leaders to campus to share real world experiences with students.