Foley Institute Sets Talk

PULLMAN, Wash. — “U.S. Trade and Asian Economic Recovery” is the topic of a talk at
Washington State University Oct. 29 by Robert C. Randolph, assistant administrator for Asia
and the Near East, U.S. Agency for International Development. The 2-4 p.m. talk is set for Todd
Hall, Room 216.
Randolph has held his position since Oct. 29, 1998. He joined the agency from Seattle, where
he served as an international mediator and arbitrator for the Washington Arbitration and
Mediation Services. Randolph was a Washington state special trade representative and advised
the governor and legislature on trade policy and negotiated trade agreements with Russia and
At the governor’s request, he spearheaded the organization of a coalition of 41 governors
who endorsed ratification of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and World Trade
Organization agreements in August 1994. He also organized the coalition of 40 governors who
endorsed most-favored-nation status for China in 1996.
Randolph, an attorney, has represented Pacific Rim clients doing business in the United
States and Americans doing business in Indonesia and Singapore.
USAID is the government agency that administers economic and humanitarian assistance