WSU Scientist to Test Drug Combination Effectiveness for Breast Cancer

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University cancer researcher Sayed Daoud will begin testing two drugs, one effective in fighting other cancers, to determine if the combination will be as effective in fighting breast cancer.
Daoud, a WSU Cancer Prevention and Research Center member, plans to test Topotecan, a relatively new drug found to be effective in fighting ovarian and colon cancer, in conjunction with UCN-01, a new drug developed in Japan. He wants to see if the combination is more effective against breast cancer than earlier tests, of Topotecan alone, indicated.
In particular, Daoud wants to know how the combination affects the p53 gene, which usually is mutated in those with breast cancer. Normally, the p53 gene stops cancer cells from dividing and spreading and even repairs the cell, according to the WSU scientist. But when p53 mutates, it fails to repress cancer cells.
Daoud will be talking about his work during the Inland Northwest Cancer Conference scheduled Nov. 5-6 at Cavanaugh’s Ridpath Hotel in Spokane.
For health professionals and researchers, the conference is approved for continuing education units for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and educators, and for WSU CEUs.
Conference details are available from WSU Conferences and Institutes, 800/942-4978,, fax 509/335-0945. Registration deadline is Oct. 21.
The conference is jointly sponsored by Washington State University, the WSU Cancer Prevention and Research Center, Inland Northwest Cancer Centers, the Spokane County Medical Society in cooperation with the Spokane unit of the American Cancer Society, the American Institute for Cancer Research, WSU Spokane and the Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education/WSU College of Nursing.