Telework Conference to Explore Easier Ways to Commute

SEATTLE, Wash. — More than 300 participants representing public and private employers
from around the world are expected at a conference that will focus on real-life issues surrounding
telecommuting. The Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program will be
among the sponsors for “Telework: A Virtual Revolution” Oct. 3-6 at Cavanaugh’s on Fifth
Telework experts say advanced technologies and new business practices are combining to
give the American workforce unprecedented mobility. “The days are over when telework may
have been considered just a nice employee perquisite,” said Dee Christensen, telecommuting
program manager for WSU’s Energy Office in Olympia. “Now both private companies and public
agencies and organizations of all kinds look to telework to provide a competitive edge.”
Among other topics, the conference will explore the real and hidden benefits and costs of
telework programs, demonstrate the numerous ways telework serves as an economic
enhancement for both rural and urban areas, show how to manage employees working from a
distance and the technological infrastructure needed to support them, and discuss legal issues
and current telework research.
“Whether the need is to keep or attract skilled employees, enhance the knowledge capital of
your organization, or better control costs and reduce overhead, telework offers the solution to
the challenges of the new information technology workplace,” Christensen said.
The conference will feature interactive workshops, breakout sessions,
internationally-recognized keynote speakers, vendor exhibits highlighting the latest
technologies, and more than 40 presenters.
Conference attendees include CEOs, human resource and legal professionals, information
technology planning and operations managers, business unit managers and directors,
transportation coordinators public policy leaders, telework coordinators and teleworkers