Reports of Weapons in Dorm Prove Unfounded

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University police have concluded an investigation
into reports that firearms, including a submachine gun, were seen in the control of three Gannon
Hall residents. Investigators discovered several paintball guns and some “ninja” type weapons,
but no firearms were found and there are no charges or arrests forthcoming.
On September 17, police searched three rooms at Gannon Hall and located throwing knives,
throwing stars and large curved-bladed knives. They also located a 48-inch “medieval” style
sword and several paintball rifles.
The knives, sword and paintball rifles from Friday’s search have been voluntarily removed
from the residence hall.
Weapons, identified as dangerous, are not allowed to be stored in university rooms or
apartments. Assistant Dean of Students Cindy Empey reminds students that “not only are
dangerous weapons such as firearms, hunting bows and knives prohibited, explosives and
dangerous chemicals are also not permitted in university- owned or controlled property,
including residence halls, on-campus apartments and Greek fraternities and sororities.”
It was determined that one of the residents did own two handguns, but those weapons were
already checked in at the WSU Police Department as required by university regulations. The
WSU Police Department maintains a 24-hour weapons check-in service and provides a secure
and safe area for weapon storage.