Small Business Development Center Relocates to Spokane

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University will move the Washington Small
Business Development Center state headquarters from the Pullman campus to WSU Spokane by
the end of this year, officials announced Friday.
The SBDC has been part of the WSU College of Business and Economics (CBE) since 1984,
in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which provides federal
matching funds of $1.5 million annually for operation of the statewide program.
The SBDC provides counseling, training and research services to small business owners
and managers. It typically serves more than 3,000 clients yearly at 24 locations throughout the
state. Among the program’s 24 counselors are eight WSU faculty members who provide
counseling to clients in Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Port Angeles, Spokane and Pullman.
“We are pleased that this vital operation will continue to serve the state from its new
location in Spokane,” says WSU CBE Dean Glenn L. Johnson. The center is expected to be
located at WSU Spokane’s downtown facilities in the Metropolitan Financial Center, 601 W. First
The move to Spokane is a major step for the SBDC, says WSU Provost Gretchen Bataille.
“Locating the SBDC lead center in Washington’s second largest metropolitan city reinforces
WSU’s commitment to the Spokane community and to the economic development of the region
and the state.”
SBDC’s new statewide director is Carolyn Clark, WSU associate professor of economics. A
member of the faculty since 1973, she has chaired the Faculty Senate and represented faculty
issues to the state legislature during each of the past five sessions. The former head of the
organization was Carol Riesenberg, also a CBE faculty member.
“I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the fine SBDC professionals who
have a tremendous impact,” says Clark. “The economic development provided by the small
business sector is exceedingly important to the state. Most new jobs are created by small
businesses and the livelihood of many is dependent on a vibrant small business sector.”
The Washington SBDC receives $1.5 million annually in funding for its programs from
higher education, including WSU, Western Washington University, and the state community
colleges, to match the $1.5 million grant from the SBA.