Bose Appointed Dean of Engineering and Architecture

PULLMAN, Wash. — Washington State University has selected Anjan Bose as dean of the
College of Engineering and Architecture. Bose has been serving as interim dean since 1998.
WSU Provost Gretchen Bataille says she is pleased that Bose will continue to provide
leadership for the college. “He recognizes the importance of strengthening the research mission
of the college while at the same time preparing students for technology jobs in the state and
Bose says he is honored by the appointment. “I am excited about the opportunity to lead
this college at a time when there is so much demand for engineering and architecture graduates.
We have a first-class college with outstanding faculty. It’s quite an honor to lead such a
college,” says Bose.
The new dean says his priorities will include moving in new directions that will take
advantage of rapid growth in the engineering and architecture fields, especially in the state of
Bose has been at WSU since 1993. Prior to his appointment as interim dean, he served as the
director of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Under his leadership, the
school added two new undergraduate degrees, established new industrial consortiums and
expanded research funding by 50 percent.
As dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture, Bose will administer five
departments with 11 academic programs, 150 faculty, 75 staff and 2,500 students at four
campuses. He will continue to hold the Distinguished Professorship in Electric Power
Bose earned his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. His
experience includes 12 years as a faculty member at Arizona State University. He has also worked
in private industry as a researcher and manager. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers and is a recognized researcher in the field of electric power systems.