WSU Veterinary College Offers Draft Horse Wagon Rides

PULLMAN, Wash. — Laddy, the newest member of Washington State University’s College
of Veterinary Medicine, and his wagon are once again available for public rides.
WSU has provided draft horse services to Pullman and surrounding communities for more
than a decade. The service began with Laddy’s WSU predecessors, Robbie, and more recently,
Carpathian. Carpathian has retired and now resides at a private residence in Mt. Vernon, Wash.
Laddy is a 4-year-old Belgian gelding weighing 1,650 pounds. The WSU Draft Horse Club
recently purchased the animal from the Mader family in Redmond, Ore., where he was formerly
used in farming organic produce.
The horse and wagon are available for wagon rides during WSU football games, parades,
and also by special appointment for personal tours of Pullman or WSU.
Senior veterinary students at WSU are responsible for the health and well-being of the draft
horses. Ride schedules vary in accordance with the academic commitments of his two current
“Campus tours by wagon are an excellent way to see WSU and are especially popular with
alumni and children,” said Jeanne Chambers, one of Laddy’s caretakers and a member of the
WSU veterinary class of 2000.
Laddy’s services are supported through donations from riders. These gifts pay for feed and
tack. His board and medical services are supplied by the Dean’s office in the WSU College of
Veterinary Medicine.
In the future, Laddy’s caretakers hope to offer rides to senior and challenged groups, as a
way of further reaching out into the community and sharing the excitement of a relaxing and
enjoyable ride in a horse-drawn wagon.
To schedule a ride with Laddy, contact Jeanne Chambers at 509/334-4293, or Becky Breeden at