Stadium Way Road Construction to Continue This Summer

PULLMAN, Wash. — Drivers on the Washington State University campus can expect a
repeat of last summer’s traffic delays. Construction work will take place once again on Stadium
Way, causing one side of the roadway to be shut down during June, July and August.
Stadium Way, from the intersection with Highway 270 up to Grimes Way and Bustad Plaza,
will be torn up again. But there is a method to the madness, says Jay Becker, WSU’s acting
assistant director of facilities development.
Becker notes that the project has to be done in phases. “We’re a one-road campus, so we
can never shut down Stadium Way entirely; and since we only have about two and a half
months to work, from graduation until the start of school, we can only get a portion of the job
done each summer.”
This summer’s project involves the installation of new storm-sewer lines. In 1998 the work
was to install sanitary sewers. The project is part of an overall road-improvement program that
exceeds $10 million.
Becker says the road will be rebuilt to state highway standards. “We want to get all the
utilities in the ground first before we complete the surface work. Once we get it all done, the road
should last a long time.” The summer’s work will finish the underground-utility portion of the
Stadium Way project.
However, during the summer of 2000, the city of Pullman will work on constructing its N.E.
Ring Road project. This will limit access around the campus via Airport Road and Terre View
Drive. As a result, Stadium Way will have to bear extra traffic, and its final reconstruction will be
put off until the summer of 2001.