Gorham Among Three WSU Graduates Honored as Legends in Veterinary Pathology

PULLMAN, Wash. — John R. Gorham, professor of veterinary microbiology and pathology at Washington State University, was one of three WSU graduates to be honored as Legends in Veterinary Pathology by the Charles L. Davis Foundation.
Gorham, former longtime research leader in the Agricultural Research Service with the USDA at WSU, was honored along with Thomas Carlyle Jones, professor emeritus at the Harvard Medical School, and Floris M. Garner, former chairman of veterinary pathology at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C., where the awards were made last summer.
All three earned their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees at WSU — Jones in 1935, Gorham in 1946 and Garner in 1950. Author of one of the top textbooks of its day on veterinary pathology, Jones is now retired in Santa Fe, N.M. Garner lives in Rockville, Md.
Gorham, who lives in Pullman, received the WSU Regents’ Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1993.
The C.L. Davis Foundation for the advancement of veterinary and comparative pathology consists of 1,500 professional members representing 18 countries. The foundation provides resources for quality pathology investigations, seminars and symposia.