WSU Police Begin Opinion Survey

PULLMAN, Wash. — Survey cards are being mailed to individuals who have had recent contact with the Washington State University Police Department asking them to rank the performance of officers.
Public Safety Director and Police Chief William Mercier says about 200 selected individuals who have had contact with campus police in a variety of circumstances will receive the cards.
Mercier said the survey is part of the department’s continuing efforts to improve the quality of service to the community. “It’s simply a way of giving us a better understanding of what we are doing well and what we could be doing better.”
The card asks individuals to rate how quickly officers responded, and the demeanor, appearance and ability of officers to handle the circumstances. Respondents also are asked to list the campus safety issues with which they are most concerned.
The cards do not ask for the identity of the respondents or names of officers.
Results of the survey will be made public at a future meeting of the department’s advisory board, Mercier said.