Architectural Exhibit of Austrian Greats Opens Oct. 26 at WSU

PULLMAN, Wash. — A CD ROM-based exhibit of architectural works by 20 Austrian-influenced American architects opens Monday, Oct. 26, in the lobby gallery of Carpenter Hall on the Washington State University campus.
“This is a unique opportunity for those on campus and in the community to see some great architectural work in a fairly new medium,” said Robert Barnstone, assistant professor of the WSU School of Architecture. Viewers can take a leisurely look at some of the best ideas of Austrian-American architects.
The exhibit, “Visionaries in Exile, a cultural journey from Austria to America,” is a CD ROM production on loan from the Austrian Cultural Institute in New York. It is the first such audio-visual presentation on computer that focuses on modern architecture. It explores the “modernists” of the early 20th century, and the influence of World War II, which drove many Viennese artists and designers to the U.S.
The 2,000 images with five hours of spoken text can be seen on four computers, allowing viewers to learn more about each architectural work and its designer through “touch screens.”
The CD ROM show remains in Pullman until Nov. 19, and is expected to travel next to WSU Spokane’s Interdisciplinary Design Institute.