Stanford Biochemist Will Speak on the Evolution of Plagues

PULLMAN, Wash.–Julie Theriot, a biochemist from Stanford University, will speak on “The Evolution of Plagues” at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 5 in Heald Auditorium at Washington State University.
Theriot studies the cell biology of host-pathogen interactions. According to an abstract posted on her Stanford World Wide Web site, Theriot’s laboratory uses a combination of videomicroscopy, biochemistry and molecular genetics to study the interactions between infectious bacteria and the human host cell cytoskeleton. By examining the mechanisms infectious bacteria use to communicate with the host cell cyctoskeleton, they hope to identify new ways to interfere with the infection process.
Theriot’s lecture is part of a seminar series hosted by the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology. For more information, contact Charlotte Omoto at