WSU Reroutes Traffic for Road Construction

PULLMAN, Wash.–Motorists should be advised of traffic detours and some delays in commuting time due to road construction at a major intersection in the center of Washington State University campus, according to Jay Becker, utilities manager.
Detours will be in place Wednesday morning on Stadium Way to reroute traffic away from the intersection at Grimes Way and Stadium Way, which will be blocked by the construction.
Motorists entering campus from the main entrance at the Pullman-Moscow highway may be directed to turn right or left on Nevada. Depending on their intended destination, they will travel through the residence hall area connecting to Grimes Way near the seedhouses or past the hospital to the west side of campus, Becker explained.
Local traffic to buildings south of Stadium Way, including Bustad, Wegner and McCoy halls, or to the Fine Arts parking areas will be permitted.
Motorists entering the campus from Airport Road on Grimes Way will be rerouted south onto Olympia Ave. past the observatory or onto Quad Service Road and Wilson Road where it intersects with Stadium Way.
To access the Fine Arts parking garage from Grand Avenue and the north, motorists will be directed onto Wilson Road past the CUB and Troy Hall to Stadium Way. Entry and exit from the parking structure will be available only by the present one-lane exit road.
Becker said the schedule calls for the Stadium Way-Grimes Way intersection to be blocked from June 11-26. The road surface and base will be removed and replaced with a more adequate base to support volume and weight of traffic on the university’s primary roadway. Additional construction on Stadium Way is planned through early August, but detours will not be necessary for the remainder of the work.