A composite of red, white, and green stripes and a black and white photo of a Juneteenth celebration in 1880.
June 19, 2023

Observing Juneteenth

By Kirk Schulz, President
Washington State University

I call on Cougs everywhere to uplift each other and their communities as we observe Juneteenth.

This commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States has been celebrated for more than a century, though it only recently became a national holiday. From small backyard gatherings to large festivals and parades, people come together in unity and purpose.

Yet even as we mark this important event, there’s a disturbing movement under way to censor Black history. None of us should be shielded from the reality of racism and its corrosive effects that persist to this day.

As you celebrate Juneteenth, I encourage you to reflect on this holiday and your power to help bring change.

Happy Juneteenth.

Osman wearing a Miss Juneteenth Queen sash and tiara while participating in a parade.

‘Feeling it, being a part of it’ enhances Juneteenth appreciation

Taking part in local Juneteenth celebrations can be as important to understanding the spirit of the holiday as learning about the history behind it. Sisters Razan and Reem Osman, who attend WSU Tri‑Cities, want to share that message widely with members of the university community.

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