WSU research featured in Food Engineering Magazine

Pullman, Wash. – Washington State University research on food processing techniques that could improve the quality of meals soldiers eat in the field was featured in the March 2007 edition of Food Engineering Magazine. The research, funded by WSU’s International Marketing Program for Agricultural Commodities & Trade (IMPACT) Center, was conducted by Juming Tang, IMPACT […]

WSU veterinary research publications most noted in U.S.

Pullman–Washington State University is ranked first in the nation when it comes to other institutions’ scientists recognizing and noting WSU research in their own scientific papers. The ranking was published in the March 5 edition of “What’s New in Research,” an editorial component of Essential Science IndicatorsSM available at . The ranking comes from […]

WSU natural resource scientist overturns assumptions

PULLMAN– The Wildlife Society has honored coauthors Donald Katnik and Robert Wielgus with its 2006 Outstanding Publication Award for a paper that overturns widely held notions of resource use and avoidance by animals in the wild. The results described in the paper will likely change the way assessments of habitat and wildlife -especially endangered species – […]

WSU report on DNA repair named “Article of the Month”

PULLMAN–A suite of proteins that changes the arrangement of DNA in chromosomes plays a key role in enabling cells to repair damage to their DNA, according to a new study by researchers in Washington State University’s School of Molecular Biosciences. The report, by scientists Feng Gong, Deirdre Fahy, and Michael Smerdon, offered the first direct […]

Libraries plan for journal cuts

During the past three years, WSU Libraries has canceled 1,300 journal subscriptions due to inflating costs and a tight budget. This spring, the WSU Libraries is asking for faculty assistance in determining which journals should be canceled next. The deadline for deciding the final cancellation list for 2007 is Sept. 1, 2006. Previously, the libraries […]

Journal costs pose frustrating puzzle at WSU and worldwide

University faculty and students are finding it more difficult to access information they need because of the increasing costs, and subsequent campus cancellations, of subscriptions to scholarly journals. Though worldwide in scope, the problem is intimately known to individuals at WSU. “When we develop new courses or areas of scholarship, it is extremely difficult to […]