New outreach to students

A new church in Pullman has put a spin on the way people look at religion while testing different ways to reach out to the student body.
Resonate Church set up a tent on Glenn Terrell Mall giving out free coffee while spreading the idea about Good Friday and Holy Week.  They also hid numerous Easter eggs around campus, which if found can be claimed for a free coffee at the bookie.
They will be on campus all week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. interacting with students and asking questions that bring up thoughts about the true person of Christ.  Every day they ask a different question on a white board next to their tent, looking for people to express their thoughts. 
They want people to use their freedom of speech to respond to each of the different questions about judgment and betrayal.
(Kimberly Klein writing a question about Judgment for people to respond to)
Campus Catalyst Kimberly Klein said “She wants people to be open and honest, to have a venue that they will be heard but not judged.”
Klein said historically Jesus is a person who has the most famous death in the world and they want to spread the word.  They want to get people involved by letting their voices be heard. 
The new church, which opened last August, is giving students the opportunity to learn about the death of Christ through a Good Friday interactive service.  “This is not a normal church service,” Klein said, while she was writing a question on the board.  They will transform the Ensminger Pavillion into a media driven walk through gallery, while answering the question, What makes Good Friday good?  The walk through will start at 7 p.m. and go till 9 p.m. Friday, March 21.  Klein said the idea is to get people interested in Jesus through different mediums shuch as movies and stories while walking around the Pavilion.
(Junior English major Evan Reyes looking at his response after writing on the board)
She said this is not like any other church around because their main audience is college students.  Their goal is to have a church made up of 75 percent students. 
Resonate church meets at 6 pm. every Sunday at the Schweitzer Event Center, if more information is needed people can visit their website at